New Homes | 🏡

I want to live,

Where the sky cries,

Yellow tears,

Of sunlight (☀️).

And the insecurities,

Which fine refuge,

Under the Golden Gate Bridge (🌉),

Of my soul,

Find new homes,

In distant lands.



The priceless artifacts which are to be coveted by men are not those found behind the walls of caves 💎, beneath the earth’s skin 🌍, or submerged in the seas 🌊. The worthy aims are intangible; divinely breathed 🌬 and brightly shone ☀️ into the consciousness of man 💭, from beyond.•

🔖 Imagination.

🔖 Creativity.

🔖 Insight.

🔖 Knowledge.

🔖 Wisdom.

🔖 Understanding.

These are the treasures which do not fade, but rather enhance the world by the creative eternal powers, and the intellect of the infinite.

Network – Good To Go

Little Reminders (10-10-17 📆):

I changed buildings at work last week, and my internet wasn’t working at ALL at my new seat. Needless to say, because I’m SO analytical (😊), I was already pondering what I would need to do this week to get it fixed. I called our help desk and they said they’d be able to assist soon. I forced myself to not think about it all weekend (which was tremendously difficult).

When I reached my desk today, I found this note. I logged in, and everything worked perfectly.

Problem solved!

The Lesson: I don’t always have to be so forceful in making things work out. Oftentimes, while I’m away from the problem, the unseen forces, and/or, the “infinite intelligence” as Napoleon Hill so eloquently stated, are resolving all matters that concern me, and don’t need my input or active involvement. I just have to focus on ascending into the best version of myself, and emanating the most positive energy possible. I’m drawing and being drawn to the social, spiritual, and physical “networks” that I am best suited for, and that are best suited for me (📡).

Disclaimer: this post is honestly just for me to be able to keep record of this moment, and have the ability to refer back to it in the future.

I don’t apologize for that, 😅.

(Side note: it applies to you too if you’ve read this far – the prize for perseverance).

Long post.

Small moment.

Huge implication.

Thanks for reading. 💭✨🌟

Today, I Saw the Moon

How dare you look down on me,

When you know that I desire,

And deserve to be there with you?

Suspended high above the clouds,

Submitted only to the sky,

Silently casting my presence upon the universe.

How does it feel to be glorious?

Do you mind sharing?

May I join you, somehow?

Admired by billions.

Inhabited by none.

Unless, you have a secret to tell us…


I saw the moon.

And the moon saw me. 🌔✨

@njtheauthor |

Digitized Thoughts



I often, externally and internally, “look out” into this small piece of eternity, fixated in the initial stages (second decade) of the 21st century, and see all of these disconnected, independent (yet oddly still relationship-oriented), bright, ambitious, enlightened, and ingenious societal puzzle pieces, of which I am one of, called “millennials.”
We’re SO diverse. And, it’s beautiful.
Entrepreneurs, creators, engineers, herbalists, scientists, preachers, reike masters, inventors, environmentalists, musicians, uber drivers, producers, personal trainers, fashion professionals, life coaches, web and graphic designers, gamers, architects, doulas, physical therapists, social workers, artists, physicians, writers, techies, etc. …
… attempting to break out of the cycle, forcibly set into motion on our behalf by powers unseen, of “living to work, and dreaming to live.”
We gear most of our thoughts and energy toward transforming “the cycle” into simply – “living our dream.”

I spend SO much time contemplating how to make us all interlink into a powerful network. A physiological “internet” of ideas, love, trust, and planned, strategic actions, that will reshape our world into the image that we all privately envision:
Love, high vibrations, care for each other, nature, and animals, respect for humanity, freedom to think, dream, and believe, without judgement, archaic mindsets, and religious confines that imprison us psychologically, and liberation from vain monetary and materialistic pursuit/dependency, which is really an illusion that seeks to control us.

What’s the formula?!


Just digitized thoughts, disregard, 🙃.

🌌 Inside Of Me

The pattern of creation just repeats over, and over, and over. The Creator left an imprint in and on EVERYTHING.
Ears, look like seashells, which look like fingerprints, which look like flowers, which look like galaxies, which look like hurricanes, and so on (the Fibonacci sequence)…
It’s all connected.

Travel sonically,

Express a dream phonically,

Men have always clashed with gods,

Iliad and the Odyssey,
Imprinting on the masses,

Pencil the script with modesty,

And it’s hard to love a Bella,

Without The Cullens always watching me,
Light hits the shadow,

Creates an image optically,

And all I see is greed,

Turning riches into poverty,
Studying ziggurat walls,

Til’ winter solstice feels tropically,

No need for me to stargaze,

When there’s a universe inside of me: 🌌✨.