Funny, random story—that will probably appeal to my fellow nerd friends, techie friends, biz friends, spiritual friends & creator friends—

(LONG—so read at your own discretion):





Fellow bizzies & nerds: last week, my friend in VA told me about the mobile app “Discord”—he’s been using it to connect with other investors on trading days to get analytics and to just be a part of a trading community (Discord is basically a digital platform used mostly by gamers and programmers for chatting, info sharing, etc.)—he invited me and I joined. Needless to say, I INSTANTLY fell in love, lol.

I started learning the platform, figured out how to search other servers and join them, and learned the “ins and outs” pretty fast.

Fellow techies & nerds: once I got the hang of it, I found a server with other programmers and techies (😍). The host or creator apparently created a simple coin-toss algorithm that lets you bet “pacs” which are like a digital coin (not the “Pac” cryptocoin though) that doesn’t hold any value (just for bragging rights in the chat). So, me being me, I started playing it and figured out the algorithm (it reminded me of my days in undergrad, creating programs in the computer lab for my engineering and programming courses, 😂).

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Once I figured out the algorithm, I got competitive—I figured out the codes to see the leaderboard for who had the most pacs in the chat, and over the course of 4-5 days, I passed the leader, who had about 1.3M pacs (I earned about 3M, 😂…honestly just because I figured out what the algorithm was doing).

One of the chat admins started messaging me (I had NO idea who he was—I thought that I was being trolled, 😂), along with other people on the server, asking if I was someone who apparently got banned before for hacking the system—haha. They started putting in codes to view my profile and history and saw that I had only been on for a week or so—they figured something was up.

The admin eventually saw what I was doing and told me to stop using my method before everyone started doing it—which I protested against because there was nothing written that said I couldn’t!




…he banned me: 😞

Can you believe it?! 😡🤬




I was mad! But it was funny too—I messaged the Discord support team, let them know what happened, and told them that it was unjust and unfair treatment! 😂😂😂🤷🏿‍♂️




So then, I found another chat server that had a similar coin-toss algorithm. As soon as I joined it, I asked, “Are there any rules for using this algorithm? I was recently banned from a server for winning…” and LO’ AND BEHOLD…the SAME admin messages me and says, “the SAME rules apply…” 😲😲😲😡🙄…

I basically respond and tell him how messed up it was that he banned me—he explained how he didn’t want to, but he couldn’t risk everyone starting to use my method and making the game “unfair”—which, I understood. We continued messaging and actually had a really good exchange.

Fellow spirituals and creators: at the end of it, he basically said “NJ, you seem like a cool guy who I just got off on the wrong foot with—I’m going to remove your ban tomorrow,” (this was earlier today, fyi). I told him I would “mask” my system so no one copied it also.

…but here’s what got me…

He then started putting in codes and sharing a bunch of other servers with me to join that probably aren’t open to the whole community—and then said, “I’m pretty much one of the top admins on Discord; if you ever have any trouble with anything, just message me and I can fix it for you.”

Little did I know, he could’ve actually had my IP address permanently removed from the platform altogether, BUT FAVOR AND GRACE…😂😂😂…just by chance, or divine order perhaps, I happened to have an exchange with (and befriend) one of the top people on a platform that’s probably going to be pretty big as the world becomes more digital.

So now that everything is cool (haha), I’m using the coin-toss algorithm again in the chat—but NOW it’s frustrating because I know that I’m holding back! 😭😥 I know that I could earn a BUNCH of pacs in a really short amount of time if I wanted, but in order to enjoy the community and keep my word, I’m limiting myself.

I wonder how many other creators feel like the way the “system” of life, and the way our daily routines are set up, are inherently limiting—like waking up, eating breakfast, going to work, coming home, running errands, going to bed, and doing a few “fun” things on the weekend before the cycle repeats, are all just a shadow of what’s preferred—of what’s possible…

I guess at times I feel like I’m playing a coin-toss algorithm in real life, and for whatever reason, I hold myself back from doing all of the things that I could be doing, in order to not be judged or to make others uncomfortable. I’m not sure why, but I just do.

I think we all do it to some extent, maybe?

I’m not sure; I can only speak for myself I suppose.

It’s something that I definitely need to pay close attention to and get to the root of though—the past couple of days have made me VERY aware of that.

I guess there’s a lesson in everything—even random moments experienced on mobile apps…


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