for both of us

late evenings transform themselves,

into early mornings without me noticing,

like vapors of water taking flight into heaven,

and leaving me here alone,


wondering if the hands that crafted the souls of men,

will speak to you on my behalf,

and tell you that my intentions are good,

and desires are pure,

and interest is peaked,

but that i’m also afraid—

afraid that you could be it for me,

and that if that’s true,

then i’m already frightened of losing what i don’t technically,

have just yet in a manifested sense,

but truthfully—we’ve belonged to one another, forever—

i recognize that i deserve you,

i’m just aware that i’m not ready for you,

and i guess i’m a little nervous that you’ll recognize it too,

no; you didn’t arrive too early,

i just didn’t prepare properly while men slept,

and ants worked—according to the wise parable,

so please don’t be angry with me,

for condensing the last 3 decades into 12 months,

and please stay,

your patience is far too much for me to ask of you,

but i’m asking,

and praying that He tells you that i’m worth the unfairness,

of my request—

please stay,

please, please stay,

for both of us.

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