//[slow scroll]\\

let it all go and hold you instead.

i wish i could.

enveloped in these hopes that haven’t reached fruition yet.

i’m not sure if i worded that correctly, but formalities and grammatical correctness and order and systematic, scientific approaches lose their power when full hearts just want expression.

fruit. that’s the point i was making.

hanging in the balance, and from branches made of my worries and wishes.

is that what i said at the very beginning?


moving on.

bitter nectar from sweet, round, soft skinned ornaments dangling from trees that i didn’t have the foresight or fortitude to plant myself when i had the chance.

but, you allow me to eat from them still.

i don’t get you.

not at all.

nor do I really want to.

how could you disregard all that i’ve done and didn’t do?

it doesn’t seem fair for you to love me unconditionally when conditions are all that i seem to have any control over lately—even that’s an illusion i’m sure.

i have no idea why i find myself attempting to jog the forgetful sea’s memory every chance i get.

it’s so difficult to run through water, but I still try.

i’m sorry.

can i come back to you again tomorrow?


of course you’d say ‘yes’.

thank you.



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